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The Last Stand Union City Hacked

The Last Stand Union City

Date added: 2015-03-31
plays 6.008
90 9 / 10 90
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Press to move.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Press E to do follow the guidance as enter the door or pick up items.
Hack keys: Press 3 to add 100 cash, 4 for unlimited health, 5 to add 100 EXP, 6 for unlimited ammo, 7 to add 1 attribute point, 8 to add 1 skill point and 9 to unlock all guns.


How do you feel when you realize that you are in The Last Stand Union City? Attend to The Last Stand Union City Hacked and begin with your exploration. You’re on the way to go home. Unfortunately, your car was attacked by unknown people. Get out and find out the mystery. Oh my god, this new version of Action Games was set up a lot of zombies and tough challenges. Can you escape this horrible place? With the Hacked Games, everything is possible.

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