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Uphill Rush 6 Hacked

Uphill Rush 6

Date added: 2015-03-31
plays 4.497
80 8 / 10 80
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Accelerate your vehicle by the , and reserve it by the .
Press the and to steer and Spacebar to jump.
Hit P to pause, X for turbo and M for map.
Hacked keys: Use number 1 for toggle nitro, 2 for toggle lives, 3 to win and 4 for money.


There are more colorful, more lightly with Uphill Rush 6, come and explore it. With Uphill Rush 6 Hacked version, you can make a lot of surprises by yourself. As many previous versions, you also have to race and earn money. To do that, you have to make something new, something special. Why don’t you let our hacked version help you? There are a lot of health that can make you feel free when you make stunts, and a lot of money that can upgrade for your vehicles in the Hacked Games. Attend to this game now and wish you have a lot of fun with ourRacing Games.

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