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Raze 3 Hacked

Raze 3

Date added: 2015-03-27
plays 3.354
90 9 / 10 90
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Keep the movement by the WASD buttons or cursors.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Hack information: Use number 1 for health 2 for unit health, 3 for ammo, 4 for shield, 5 for energy, 6 for money and 7 to unlock all levels.


The third awesome version in the series of the Raze game, Raze 3 comes to give you a new challenge. Join the Raze 3 Hacked to complete your task perfectly. Still you remember the invasion ten years ago? Aliens leave the earth in ashes. The humanity starts to rebuild a new civilization in the skies. They establish many soldier groups to protect their place and control the battle to bring the peace back. Hurry up! We don’t have a lot of time, join this fantastic version of Action Games now. And don’t forget to use the support of the Hacked Games to light your way to the victory.

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