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Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest Hacked

Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest

Date added: 2015-03-13
plays 9.415
90 9 / 10 90
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Hacked menu: press 1 to toggle HP, 2 for Ammo and 3 to toggle Hunger.
Move your character by the arrows .
Press Spacebar to jump and F button to pick up items.
Click the left mouse to shoot.
Left Shift to run and Left Ctrl to crouch.


Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest game was created base on the horror film. It’s not for the faints, but with Slenderman Must Die Silent Forest Hacked, you can. The story takes place in a silent forest. You know that Slenderman wants to kill you, he is a murderer. You have to ding and kill him before he kills you. Can you survive in this horrible place? Use our Hacked Games to support. This really is an awesome game of Unity Games that you shouldn’t miss.

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