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Toss The Turtle Hacked

Toss The Turtle

Date added: 2015-03-19
plays 2.816
90 9 / 10 90
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Use the mouse to interact with the game
Hack information: After a first shoot, you’ll be able to have everything in shop.


Have you ever thought that one day you can take your adventure just by Toss The Turtle. Attend to Toss the Turtle Hacked to create more interests for you trip. Hey, guys! The little turtle want to explore the wide world, will you be willing to help him, buddies? Good! Now your main mission in this game is to toss him by the cannon how to make him fly far as much as possible. Do not forget to earn money and upgrade your weapon in the Shooting Games. By that way, you can make your shoot more powerful. Enjoy it now and hope that our Hacked Games will make you fun.

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