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Feed The King

Feed the King

Date added: 2020-07-28
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Aim with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.


Feed the King unblocked is a fun Arcade game challenging your skills to a nice mission. The game is now available on Games Hacked Games for you to play. Feel free to give it a try then see if you conquer it all! It's all about feeding the King with delicious food.

You are the chief of the King and attempt to protect him as well as defend his pile of food from being attacked by nuisances. To do this, you have to charge your King just like a catapult by dragging the ball and carefully launch him. Once he has landed, perform a short dash attack to aim enemies in a short-range in front of him. Keep him away from enemies, or they will approach your King and take his pile food. Make use of your skills to complete this mission. Start to play Feed the King game for free now! Have fun with it!

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