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Wood Gems

Wood Gems

Date added: 2020-07-27
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Use the mouse to match the shapes in the game.


Refresh your experience with Arcade games with Wood Gems online! You can play this fun game online to practice your skills through great levels. The gameplay of Wood Gems unblocked is easy to understand, and it's like other match-3 games you may have played before.

You are tasked with matching at least three of the same shape to clear the screen. Try to find and match those shapes as fast as possible become the time is ticking. You must complete the level before the time runs out in order to proceed to the next level. To clear the screen faster, especially when you are stuck, you can use different power-ups. The faster you complete the levels, the higher the score you will get! Also, you will get extra scores if you match more than 3 shapes. How fast can you beat all levels in Wood Gems game? Let the game begin! Have fun with it!

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