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SAS Zombie Assault Hacked

SAS Zombie Assault

Date added: 2015-03-13
plays 6.109
70 7 / 10 70
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Hacked information: you can get unlimited health, ammo, money and all weapons are free.
Move your soldier with the WASD keys.
Click the mouse to aim and shoot.


In SAS Zombie Assault, you are the only one who alive after the zombie attack. Now, take part in the SAS Zombie Assault Hacked to revenge. Look at this ruined place, it’s so terrible! Put your scare away, pick up your gun and kill all zombies. Do not let them attack you, try to survive and wait for the rescue team come. With our Hacked Games, you’ll be supported a lot, so be confident. It’s sure that this version if Shooting Games will satisfy you, try it now.

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