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Age Of Warriors Hacked

Age of Warriors

Date added: 2015-03-13
plays 5.781
80 8 / 10 80
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Hacked menu: press number 8 to toggle castle health, 9 to toggle units health, 0 for gold coins (0-10000), G for gold bar, and J to win level.
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Your country is on your rival’s sight in Age Of Warrior's games. Join the Age Of Warriors Hacked to lead your force come to the victory. In this game, you will play a role Viking leader. Your tribe is in danger; you have to lead your warriors to defend and protect your territory. Don’t forget to attack your enemies to have more coins. You also ask Viking miner to collect the coins. You can upgrade your army when you have a lot of gold. This version is present on our Strategy Games, play others when you have free time. Remember that when you have trouble with any game, please visit the Hacked Games and ask for support.

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