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Special Strike Zombies Hacked

Special Strike Zombies

Date added: 2015-03-13
plays 6.588
80 8 / 10 80
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Hacked information: press 9 for health and 0 for ammo.
Move your soldier with the WASD button.
Click the mouse to aim and shoot.


A horde of Zombie is coming, let join in the Special Strike Zombies now to stop them. They’re so crowded and brutal; you’d better play Special Strike Hacked to support. Look! The world is worry and horrible about the zombie's invasion. You, a brave man, should pick up your weapon and sent them back to the hell. Do not let them attack and kill you. Our Hacked Games always by your side to support you with infinite health and ammo. Wish you have a lot of fun with this awesome product of Unity Games.

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