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Turret Defense 3D  Hacked

Turret Defense 3D

Date added: 2015-11-04
plays 3.110
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Use the mouse to place the turrets
Hack bar:
Press key [1] for toggling health, key [2] for extra cash, key [3] for BP, key [4] for the max turrets


In Turret Defense 3D hacked, the wicked enemies are on the way to your base! How insolent they are! Let’s join this awesome Tower Defense game and show no mercy to them now! You are supposed to put the turrets around your locations skillfully to annihilate all the incoming foes. Keep an eye on your castle, you need to prioritize it first and be sure that you own enough towers to beat off all the nasty adversaries. Prepare your tactics and strategies to perform the battle better! Hope you have fun!

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