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Super Race F1 Hacked

Super Race F1

Date added: 2015-11-03
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Use the arrow keys to drive, press key X to use turbo boost
Hack bar:
Tap key [1] for toggling Turbo boost, key [2] to gain extra cash (0-10000), key [3] to unlock new cars, key [4] to unlock new tracks.


Are you ready to race through the fabulous city in the Super Race F1 hacked? Let’s join this Action game and conquer all the challenges! The game consists of tons of discrepant tracks; you are supposed to take control of your fancy vehicle and try to drive it at breakneck speed to beat off all other opponents. Each track is very interesting with awesome paths. You should use turbo boost to accelerate and be good at tilting your car. Victory is waiting for you ahead! Wish you luck!

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