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Save My Garden 2 Hacked

Save my Garden 2

Date added: 2015-10-31
plays 2.789
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Use the mouse to place the towers
Hack bar:
Press key [1] for toggling lives, key [2] for toggling the specials, key [3] for gaining extra cash (0-1000), key [4] to take out the foes, key [5] to pass the level


Save My Garden 2 hacked opens new challenges for you conquer! The garden in this Tower Defense game is calling for your help since the disturbing insects are coming up for their attacks. You have no choice but placing the strong turrets around the path to prevent the invasion of the enemies. Don’t forget to gather extra coins to earn cash! Use your earning money to purchase new stuff and strong towers to boost your strength. Take this chance and jump to this hacked game now! Hope you have an amazing time!

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