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Little Protector Planes Hacked

Little Protector Planes

Date added: 2015-10-26
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Use the arrow keys for the movement
Or you can use the mouse to move by choosing mouse move
Hack information:
Press key [1] for toggling health, [2] for cash, [3] for diamonds, key [4] for potions.
Tap key[5] for feathers, key [6] for Astral energy, key [7] for units, key [8] to get more turns
Hit key [9] for unlocking the spells, key [0] to unlock the units, key [G] to get more spells.


Little Protector Planes hacked is a challenging PRG game taking you to the fierce battlefield full of various enemies. There are tons of creatures that occupied discrepant planes. There is only a hero with excellent skills can save a day! Will you become that hero? The game puts you in the shoes of the protector of those planes with the mission of annihilating all those wicked foes as you make an effort to create and boost your strength, clear the dungeons and try to damage the spawning shrines. Whenever you join this awesome hacked game, you will get an entire brand new plane for your group. Sounds amazing, right? Click to explore the game now! Good luck!

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