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Hero Of Inferno Hacked

Hero of Inferno

Date added: 2015-08-20
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Use 1 for health, 2 for AP, 3 for skill points 5, 4 for experience 500. Press 5 for Gold 500, 6 for combo points 50 and 7 for kill enemies.


Hero of Inferno Hacked is the RPG game in which you will have to fight the bad guys and win them. Ragna God is the person like that. He ordered the troop to kill the little-forsaken child and his mother, Eleysia. You have to stop this crime before it becomes true. The protectors will destroy enemies in turns. So, try to use a special attack to get the victory as soon as possible. Once playing RPG Games, you should aware of your mission and battle strategically.

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