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Elventales The Arcanery Hacked

Elventales The Arcanery

Date added: 2015-07-31
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Use 5 for health, 6 for specials, 7 for one hit kill, 8 to arcs and 9 to win the level.


Explore the story of Elventales The Arcanery game hacked. There is an old belief: A great kingdom shall rise from a great army from the power of the chosen people. Whoever wishes for joining the army shall pass the seclusion. They will be exiled down into a dungeon full of wicked creatures and mysterious mazes. Any warrior that can pass this challenge will have the honor to join the army. Help August Elf restore his kingdom and save people from tyranny. Kill all Weaver and Gargantuar in Elventales The Arcanery RPG. Collect all coins and complete the train.

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