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Ars Tactica Prelude Hacked

Ars Tactica Prelude

Date added: 2015-07-16
plays 3.600
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Press 1 to turn on or off HP, 2 to MP, 3 to get experience. Press 4 to add food, 5 to gold and 6 to next level.


Hunt treasure and explore the ancient crypt in Ars Tactica Prelude game. The mission of the hacked game is not only to pass all level but also find the joy. Choose for yourself the best character you want and start the adventure. You and your friends will have to kill all dark monsters, and turn them into useful items. Collect all potion jars to restore your health. Try to alive and get more experience on each level. Now play RPG Ars Tactica Prelude. Have fun!

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