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Age Of Warriors - Roman Conquest Hacked

Age of Warriors - Roman Conquest

Date added: 2015-03-13
plays 7.455
85 8.5 / 10 85
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Hacked menu: Hit number 8 to toggle castle health, 9 to toggle unit health, 0 for gold (0-5000), G for gold bar, and H to win the level.
Use the mouse to control the whole game


Age Of Warriors – Roman Conquest will put you into a dratted battle of the two tribes. Play Age Of Warriors – Roman Conquest Hacked to make your troop stronger. The barbarians want to invade your land to expand their territory. You, a brave leader, let stand up and direct your force to combat with them. You have to prove that who you are and what your power is. This is a kind of Strategy Games, so you have to focus and think about how to control the battle a lot. Let the Hacked Games lead your way to winning. Have a lot of fun!

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