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Tower Siege Hacked

Tower Siege

Date added: 2015-05-25
plays 2.830
80 8 / 10 80
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You play Tower Siege hacked by the mouse
Hack information: In this gam all upgrades are free, you use 1,2 to toggle tower condition, money.


You can’t kill the enemies from destroying your defenses in Tower Siege, let Tower Siege hacked help you overcome these challenges easily. In this game, your kingdom is threatened by the enemies, so your mission is to battle and defend your castle through many different territories in a great map. To do that, you solve these puzzles to kill all enemies, who are trying to attack you. You can also place some traps along the way to slow them down, cut them with blades and more. Now, let’s explore this Puzzle games now to get much fun! Have an exciting fighting.

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