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Epic War 5 Hacked

Epic War 5

Date added: 2015-04-06
plays 4.517
80 8 / 10 80
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Control your game by the mouse.
Hack information: You can buy everything you like, have unlimited unit health and Mana. And get very fast unit spawn.


Epic War 5 Hacked was created to support for the original Epic War 5. Take part in this game now you will see that you can do what you never did before. Well, you have to choose your hero first, they are Viegraf the Red, Queen Etherica and Skull Knight. Make your choice and protect your land. The conflict spread quickly, and other nations want to solve it by the battle. So, you have to lead your kingdom win in any combat. To do that, you’d better let the Hacked Games help you. There are many Strategy Games version hacked present on this website. Wish you fun!

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